Luck, it’s a word that sometimes defines a lot in peoples life, I have been very lucky to have the opportunity of do what I love, which is create different web applications from anywhere in the world. All that I need is my laptop, an internet connection faster than 4MBps and lots of beverages/food and for that I’m grateful.

It all started in Venezuela while I founded with a friend a web design agency, we were both working at the beginning from our houses since we didn’t have a formal office, but we did growth our online presence by a big margin just doing key projects for people that we knew at the time.

He moved out to Mexico and we continued working without any problems, at that point I realized that I was missing part of the fun, we could do the same while both traveled the world, maybe we didn’t travel together, but at least each one of us would have the opportunity to do it.

My first work trip

One of our coolest clients (and now the company that I’m working for) offered me to go to Silicon Valley for a short trip, it was a great opportunity, I packed all the important things that I wanted to show about my country to the guys at the office and 2 weeks later, I was traveling from Caracas to San Francisco.

I have to say, it was great, I had plenty of visits to the US East coast and this was my first time seeing the West coast, it’s so different, people in this area are more stylish and at the same time true to themselves and what they believe, it’s all about do what makes you and others feel better. At least that was the perception it gave me and after those 2 weeks and half of working and hanging out with everyone I can say that I found great friends.

Working remotely

One of the cool things about being Venezuelan, is that most of the people in my country have multiple nationalities, since our parents came from Europe after the wars or periods of dictators, they were outcasts of their societies, traveling to the new world for opportunities that their countries couldn’t offer.

Most of them had great ideas and when they got to this country, nothing was done yet, so they were the pioneers, it gave plenty of opportunities to my generation to do what we wanted, we studied what our minds needed, not what others requested.

In my case, my Spanish nationality was a great opportunity for me to go to Spain and set it as my base station to travel to other european countries in my free time. My goals are to meet 4-5 new countries per year, to do it sometimes I will just have to work from those countries.

It has been amazing to do it, my team is very supportive and we they actually like a lot having someone in a different timezone checking out stories in the queue and delivering bug fixes, I feel that this way we are making our product better for our customers faster actually and also we are making our product managers more busy.

A friend in each country

I won’t touch much on the current situation of Venezuela, but let’s just say that it’s not the best and plenty of people decided that it was better to just use their double nationality advantage and go to those countries to find better opportunities.

This has impacted a lot in my life, almost all of my friends are now living in different countries and it’s making my trips a lot better, it’s just not about meeting a new country, it’s about hanging out with my friends and living the life of that country as a local.

Working from it, breathing the night life and the culture without being an outsider makes everything better. Tourist countries treat their tourists in a different manner and sometimes it’s just not the best, so if you know someone where you are going, ask to that person if they can show you the places where they usually go.

The places I have gone while working are: Aruba, Saint Marteen, Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao, USA (Florida, Las vegas, Houston, Silicon Valley), Spain, Italy and France.

My take away in this last 2 years of working from different places is live to meet new experiences.