Greetings, traveler

I'm a Full-Stack Developer and computer engineer currently traveling the world. In my work, I combine 3 basic principles: User Experience, Beauty and Purpose. I have 5+ years doing Software Development and have completed more than 17 projects (managed 4 of them) in 2 continents. I make webapps that work fast, are easy to use, persuasive, relevant to the customer and fit in the business environment.
I'm Currently: Unavailable to take on more projects.

Let's work together


We will work together on a daily or weekly basis depending on your availability to figure out the key points of your product.


Based on the points that we draw together, we'll set deliver dates and objectives for each. For this I like to use a project planning app, if your company or team already use one, we'll use it to make the workflow easier.


With a beautiful design in place, I will build, test and launch your application. I have experience with different programming languages, my preference is for Ruby.


Don’t worry about software installation, site maintenance and backups. I will set everything for you.

work I have done


You want to find your next house in the US?

This company has one of the best platforms to search with the help of realtors your future home. I was involved in the project when working for Hashlabs creating the whole Frontend of the webapp. The technologies used in this project where AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3. I took their amazing designs and mocks and made the Styleguide that now they use in their whole site. They will have a lot of cool things really soon. Want to see their site? Go here.


Yummly was launched in 2010 by foodies on a mission to invent the ultimate kitchen tool.

Whether it’s finding a recipe or going to the store, Yummly wants to make it easier for foodies to do what they love – cook, eat, and share! :ramen: Around that concept, I worked with their designer to create marketing pages, for users of the iOS app and developers that wanted to know more about the API.


Search millions of performance auto parts from thousands of retailers, you can see more here. In Hashlabs, we took this amazing project and designed the User Experience of the landing page, menu and part picker for the company, we hand coded the Frontend and connected it to the endpoints provided by their development team.


I was responsible on checking the quality and organizing what the team that produced the ads for the site did on a daily basis. I created their tasks, did manual testing on the site and created a plan for the animations that users will see in the site. You can see them in their current site.


Proud to be part of the amazing team here, we create Landing pages, web apps and more in Ruby on Rails, Angular and many more languages, I have created many of the custom internal tools and coding guides that all our developers use on a daily basis for our clients. You can learn more of our work here.

Next Galaxy Corp

Want to see the future, this concepts and technology will blow your mind

From VR Concerts, VR Classroom, VR Sports to VR Experiences you will find everything in their single social HUB app called CEEK, it offers scheduled, on demand and streaming 3D, 360 videos and standard content within a fully immersive environment I was the main developer behind the CSS and HTML structure of the site.


I'm from the caribbean and I love rum, so how could I withstand to develop one of the coolest sites for this great company. It all started with the amazing designs that Hashlabs provided, after making decisions on how the User will interact with the site and what the client wanted to get from it, we created their website.


Is one of those companies that move the world where we live in

at least in the Caribbean part, they have one of the biggest influences in the sugar market, that's why in Hashlabs I was responsible of creating their main site focused to big companies that wanted to hire their service and also create their webapp that organizes their customers requests into a nice dashboard. You can learn more about in here.


I took the task of making a landing page where, companies could subscribe and get access to their admin system which holds information on how to request more information, adquire new cable equipments and antennas, add more cable providers and increase their reach to generate more revenue thanks to the streamlined process that the company offer to their current subscribers. Check out their site

Anny Baquero

It's an actress and model from Venezuela, she needed a landing page to showcase her recent work and photos, currently living in Miami, she also wanted a site that would be easy to maintain and change without help. With the help of the designs from Bungalow Design we created her site.

Companies that I helped

Scale it now!

I will write the future face of your company for users and make the patterns that I developed available to you, rest assured that the code will scale and will last.
Let's work together